In attempting to customize my process blog page, I’ve made some interesting changes.  I found a theme that was more customizable and still looked like something I would be able to change in a way that would keep it functional. Beyond this process blog, the site needs to function as a portfolio site, so I made changes with that in mind.  Here is where I started:

I used the Lovecraft theme, added a few widgets, and changed the accent color. I think it looks clean, professional, and serves the purpose of process blog and portfolio.

My attempts to customize the page have not been as fruitful as I had hoped. Here is the first thing I tried:

That theme is called “Ajiara,” and while I liked that it was a bit more customizable, it still wasn’t meeting all of my needs.  Things I did like about it were that it had an option for a video in the header of the main page and the clear presentation of the menu bar. I’ve been having trouble finding and resizing images to fit the headers for different themes, so that’s frustrating as well. I’m also pretty sure it was this theme in which I was unable to choose truly custom color combinations or change the font colors in a way that would create a pleasing yet readable experience. So I moved on to a third theme.

This theme is called “Lyrical,” and it’s a GoDaddy theme.  It also has the video option for the homepage, which I think is an advantage for someone like me who has video content to share. It is also much more customizable than the other themes I’d been using.  It allows me to experiment with a more colorful and artistic aesthetic, which feels more authentic.  However, I think it still needs some work to make it as easy to read and navigate as the original Lovecraft theme was.  So, I’ll be continuing to work out the kinks this week and as we progress through the course.